Le Grand Death Labyrinth


Sound Designer

AMB Designer

Production time: 14 weeks  (Jan-Apr 2015)


Design and foley the maze game sounds (include actions, vocals, objects)

Ambiance music designing

Sound editing (FMOD)

Project overview

Le Grand Death Labyrinth is a puzzle/adventure/arena game. You start at the beginning with a character and have to get through the maze full of puzzles and monster as quick as possible. there is an audience that interacts with what you do and do not. Also, there is a commentator in the game whom you do not see but can hear. He is very sarcastic and sadistic and would love to see you fail! Your goal is to get to the end of the maze as original and quick as possible. Whenever you are doing things that are not entertaining enough your reputation with the audience will decrease and the commentator will play on that by spawning more enemies.
When you die you have to start all over again but as a new character and you have to do the same to get to  the end by avoiding difficulties but entertaining the audience and the commentator.


The game is made in Unity and is a combination of 2D and 3D art. The models are 3D and the textures and art in the game are 2D.


Sophia Machin, Jelle Noort, Bas Klein, Remi van Dermeulen, Xinyin Zhang

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